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About us


Best Tropical Fruits Ltd., (BTF), a company registered in Kenya, was established to trade and process soft tree fruits (Mango, Avocado, Passion Fruit etc.), as over 40% of these highly perishable tropical tree fruits never reach market and go to waste.

BTF is currently working closely with 1,500 farmers to improve the quality of their fruit so that there is less loss and higher sale potential thus improving farmer income and company profitability.  

BTF is also turning its attention to processing fruit waste into high value commodities for  which there is strong demand in the cosmetic and food ingredients sectors.

BTF embarked on a three phase plan to convert fruits that would normally go to waste into high value fruit pulp, dried fruit, and oil extracts. Our operations base is in Machakos County, Kenya.

Since its formation BTF has;

  • Established a dedicated extension service for tree fruit farmers.
  • Provided high quality advisory and tree husbandry services to over 1,500 smallholders in the catchment area, who already have seen their income raised from improved mango quality and yield,
  • Constructed a collection centre / pack house / small scale processing facility.
  • Developed a fruit tree nursery and model fruit tree farm.
  • Distributed inputs such as fruit fly traps and baits on credit to farmers.
  • Marketed fresh fruit to local markets and to export markets in the Middle East

Currently BTF is

  • Procuring equipment to process tree fruits.
  • Increasing the outreach to over 2000 smallholders through expansion of the advisory service.
  • Signing contracts with farmers which will ensure they get a fair price for their improved quality production.
  • Working with MESPT (Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust) to provide training and guidance to farmers to achieve and maintain EuroGap standards.
  • Planning a large scale fruits processing facility.
  • Purchasing waste from farms to convert to animal feed and other products which will reduce pressure on the fragile arid land environment in our catchment area.

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