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BTF Social Impact

BTF is providing technical agricultural extension to soft fruit producers based on international market specifications. Since inception, BTF has supported 1,500 farming families with technical mango production guidance on orchard care and maintenance, use of fruit fly traps and optimal spraying timings.

BTF is a numbers driven organisation. It’s a commercial organisation with a vision to drive socio economic development through increasing the smallholder household income. BTF undertook a baseline household income survey in 2017 and plans to update the survey at the end of 2018. BTF will then assess the income incremental changes at household level and associated changes within the household (social indicators such as increased access to nutritional food, healthcare, education and economic indicators such as increased in household assets, diversification of income source.)

BTF will extend its outreach to 10,000 smallholder farmers by the end of 2019.

BTF Environmental.

The Ukambani region comprising the counties of Machakos, Makueni and Kitui is regarded as an Arid and Semi Arid Land (ASAL) area with an annual average rainfall of less than 500 mm. Deep rooted mango trees, avocado and pawpaw are suitable for this low rainfall environment and it is noticeable that farmers are increasing their fruit tree orchards by 10% per annum, even though the fruit selling price is dropping in real terms. The maintenance and further development of mango and fruit tree orchards will have a positive environmental impact and can mitigate climate change effects into the future.