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Best Tropical Fruits works closely with the farmers in the area to ensure that they produce the highest quality fruits which are free from pests and disease. Best Tropical Fruits do not deal with brokers and only buy from contracted farmers who are producing high quality fruits under an agreed husbandry approach which sees the minimal of chemical usage combined with organic and  biological approaches to ensure pest and diseases are minimised.


Fruit Types available.

Mango, November to March.

Avocado, April to August

Passion fruit, year round

Papaya, year round

Tree Tomato year round


Pricing structure; Farmers will be paid at least the average weekly price or better for good quality fruits with a delivery bonus for quantities over 1000 kgs.


Packhouse and chilled storage;  BTF has its own packhouse and refrigerated storage. We deliver prepacked fruit to Nairobi airport in chilled trucks. We ensure the delivery of the fruit to the customer specifications by only picking and packing to the customer requirements.


Prices;  Its not possible to give an indicative price due to the many variables in the business not least the high cost of air transport, although we can ship by sea. And because we take such care in the production and harvesting we certainly will never compete with lower quality sellers. But the fruit you buy from us will be packed better, look better, have less skin issues and last longer than all of our competitors.


Contact;  sales@besttropicalfruits.com for prices and delivery schedules.